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The Potential for Logistical Partnerships Between Military and Industry Actors

Logistics is a key area for effective partnership between private industry and military actors. In the current economic situation it is vital for the military to promote efficient practices. Outsourcing is a key element of this, military/industry actors already have many close relationships in areas such as research and development. Expanding these relationships to other facets of the military is key for creating a modern military that is efficient and cost-effective. Logistics is an ideal military function for private enterprise collaboration. In the defense industry huge amounts of operational funds are spent to establish various supply networks, transportation routes, and other logistical systems.

Private enterprise is constantly developing new and more efficient methods for accomplishing these same tasks. Countless amounts of research is done on all facets of moving and protecting supplies and personnel to where they need to be on time. Expanding military contracts to cover more logistical roles would create a competitive market for industry. This would in-sure that the latest research and top experts would be applied to defense related logistics. Expanding this market would create new opportunities for collaboration of military/industry. Various resources would be shared, such as transportation units, emergency personnel, and other specialized systems. This would cut costs and allow for a more flexible defense structure. For example, if a defense deployment in a certain area was needed, logistical support could be sourced to industry contacts familiar with the area. This would increase the speed of deployment and in-sure that logistical systems could be set up in a secure fashion.Creating an effective network of industry experts working closely on defense related issues would increase the security of bringing in contractors when needed. This would result in a greater economic impact to the local economy where defense deployment occurs. Bringing in more locals who know the area and logistical systems appropriate to it would in-sure that money flows into various local economies. This would help to create strong relations between military actors and local industry that will increase both efficiency and safety for all parties involved. Overall the potential for the effective industrialization of defense logistics is huge. By creating a competitive market for logistics the military would be insured that they are getting the best talent at the lowest cost. Capital investment can also be shared, helping defense operations move as quickly as possible with minimal cost and maximum economic impact.